Month: February 2023

3 Reasons Why Buffalo NY is America’s Fastest Growing Tech Hub

Buffalo, NY, aerial view

Business leaders, captains of industry and tech startups on the hunt for growth might consider placing their company’s headquarters in Buffalo, New York. The historic port is one of the best cities in North America to build a corporate presence. It’s an up and coming technology hotspot, or tech hub, which means there’s a thriving… Read more »

SEO Tips for Writing High Traffic Magazine Articles

writing articles for magazines and being creative

Experienced writers with over a hundred pieces of published content will probably have one article that outperforms all others. Throw spaghetti at the wall and some of it will stick. But once you’ve learned what works you don’t need to toss wet noodles around anymore. You can be more strategic with your content marketing. Publishing… Read more »

Four Reasons Why Toronto is North America’s Fastest Growing Tech Hub

TO at night with paddleboaders

InvestOntario got our attention in November 2022 when they published an article entitled, Toronto ranked as North America’s fastest growing tech market. The piece is a real eye-opener because it shares real estate data collected by CBRE alongside insightful analysis from Ontario’s foremost commercial leasing agency. The writers at InvestOntario harnessed their information and compared… Read more »