Month: March 2017

We Learned About Disruptive Startups at Dx3

beverages at tech convention

Several Disruptive Startups Were Featured at Dx3 2017 The PayPal Startup Zone at Dx3 2017 held a pitch competition for a chance to win tickets to Singularity University’s Canada Summit. The speakers were all tech company founders who shared their visions of the future. Here are some things we learned about digital disruption in 2017…. Read more »

How KPDI does SEO

Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals in 2017 Business writers who set about detailing the changes to Search Engine Optimization in the year 2017 could approach the subject the same way they might report on this year’s new model cars, or cell phones or even new shoe designs. Any author reasonably proficient in SEO theory might start… Read more »