Month: September 2017

KPDI supports #a11yTO

Image of mobile phone browsing a dictionary

KPDI is a black owned digital marketing agency in Toronto The internet is for everyone to enjoy and we need to build websites and apps that are both accessible and effective. Everything should be easy to use and inclusive. Nobody is more aware of how the internet can feel exclusive than the experts we have… Read more »

Why Boosting Facebook Posts Gets Your Brand Noticed

There was a time when your Facebook posts were seen by a majority of your followers, but recent changes have reduced your post visibility to about 30% of your audience* – if you’re lucky. It’s even worse according to Facebook, “[Brand] Pages reach about 16 percent of their fans on average.” As Facebook grows, they’re… Read more »

How Secure is your Internet Security System?

Are You Concerned With Web Security? Security is important for the obvious reasons. But it’s also important for SEO. Google gives higher rankings to very secure, safe sites. So of course all readers should say yes YES! There are all kinds of security issues that might be affecting your website. Below are a few of… Read more »

Responsive Design as Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization: Responsive Design and Google Mobile By the end of 2016, people spend more time on their phones every day than their laptops in the US. And over 80% of all Internet users own a smartphone. These numbers have been increasing in leaps and bounds over the last few years and they’re just going… Read more »

SEO Today

A couple years ago, there were all kinds of blog posts written with titles like “SEO is dead” and “Is it the end of SEO?” The answers varied because the answer, like most things, was not simple. It was “yes and no.” Yes – the way SEO was being done. Kkeyword stuffing and all the… Read more »