How Will ChatGPT Affect SEO and Marketing in 2023?


January 3, 2023 |

How ChatGPT affects SEO in 2023Artificial intelligence has finally arrived. OpenAI’s ChatGPT debuted on November 30th, 2022, and historians will mark the day as the birth of the world’s first useful AI super tool.

I’m not exaggerating.

This launch represents the start of a revolution – bad news for anyone with an easily automated job.  Whole careers will disappear along with all mundane tasks that can be done better, faster, and cheaper with software. But on the bright side, AI is here to help.

Science fiction movies and TV series have presented the-computer-as-a-character for over forty years. Almost every spaceship we’ve ever imagined on screen has an intelligent and often chatty operating system that interacts with the cast. The computer’s disembodied voice shares critical information and opines on potential plot outcomes. Well, now the time has finally arrived where a synthetic sidekick is no longer a work of fiction.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT converses with humans almost flawlessly, writes code wonderfully and fixes other programmer’s errors. It translates foreign speech including dead languages, and it pens essays, and can even compose decent poems and songs. It’s more than just a language model; it can be used to program websites, code apps, and write business plans from scratch. It can answer most questions on a Harvard math exam and even write university-level papers that would receive high marks. Academia will certainly be affected, but don’t be worried for the teachers and school administrators yet because ChatGPT is the start of an AI revolution that will disrupt nearly every sector.

How will OpenAI’s ChatGPT affect SEO?


OpenAI’s ChatGPT will diminish and humiliate Canadian knowledge workers before it makes them completely obsolete. Programmers are already using this breakthrough to draft code and comb for errors in human work.

programmer using ChatGPT on the couch

YouTubers and TickTockers who are web designers and platform
architects herald this as the dawn of no-code AI.In other words, humans now have easy access to applications that will democratize artificial
intelligence and machine learning. This great leap forward makes them redundant because now anyone can program code simply by speaking aloud their ideas while relaxing on the couch.

Other futurists believe this program could mark the beginning-of-the-end for Google and their search platform’s dominance. AI software is easier to use and it seems like ChatGPT supplies more comprehensive answers to user queries without all the tedious searching.

But the implications for search engine optimization are even more immense. Open AI’s ChatGPT will impact our marketing company’s SEO practice three different ways.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT will affect SEO by changing,

  • 1. Search experience – it will change user habits as it surpasses Google’s featured answer system.
    2. Content creation – it has never been easier to write articles for websites.
    3. On-page user experience – it can be used to increase the usability of web pages and web design.

How will OpenAI’s chatGPT change Search Experience?

ChatGPT is so satisfying to use, either as text or a voice-enabled audio interface (coming soon), it will change the way people search for information online. I think people will check the AI’s offerings first and then return to Google if they don’t receive a satisfactory answer.

I asked questions which required the machine to form an opinion in order to answer with substance, and I was sure my slanted queries would stump the bot, but I was wrong. Here’s an example of the machine staking out a position in a controversial subject.

most overplayed rock song

No follow-ups are necessary because I agree entirely with the answer received.  With answers like that, it won’t be long before the service has a billion users. Did I mention it had a million users by December 5th, 2022? That’s according to OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman, and now social media sites, TickTock in particular is filled with screenshots of ChatGPT’s funniest answers.

Does Google not have its own AI Chatbot?

Google has some contenders. They own DeepMind, a competitor to OpenAI, and they’ve developed LaMDA, Language Model for Dialogue Applications,
but the company seems reluctant to make their work public. For Google, the problem with chatbots is they’re not always correct and yet they present
their answers with machine confidence. At present, I believe Google’s many
and varied services are ripe for an AI revolution; their Search interface, AdWords, Android, Chrome, Google Maps, Google Play, and YouTube could all benefit from having an intelligent bot
helping humans harness their power. It’s definitely coming, but as of this writing, Alphabet has yet to debut anything as sophisticated as ChatGPT to the public.

How will OpenAI’s chatGPT change content creation?

A restaurant review created by ChatGPT.

One of the most significant ways ChatGPT will affect web marketing and SEO in particular is content creation. Journalists, writers and editors of all stripes will now
have to compete with a cheap, competent, and easy-to-direct robot author.

Publishers are always keen to post new material but paying writers is expensive and waiting for their work is time consuming. Imagine if there was computer service that could write anything you need at the touch of a button. Well, now there is.

ChatGPT has the knowledge and ability to write your web copy and even do some basic journalism provided the events in question happened before 2022, which is when the system was taken offline. Content-hungry webmasters can simply query the system for insightful text on any subject and can even request the results be formatted as an article, review, letter, recipe, or even a screenplay. The program can be deliberately verbose, and style its output with emotion, or it can be refreshingly brief. There are sliders which control a randomness variable.  Below is how the bot replied when I finally thought to ask it how it will change SEO:

Unfortunately for me, I only thought to present this search query after I’d almost completed this article, but once again I was shocked by the system’s abilities and stunned to discover two of my three points were included in its answer. The only consideration not on the list is ChatGPT’s opinion of its own abilities as a search engine, and how its efficacy could soon diminish Google’s omnipotence.

Matt Diggity, a popular SEO YouTuber is telling his audience to use ChatGPT to quickly make the content necessary to rank alongside competitors as a topical authority and we are definitely studying that strategy here in KPD-I SEO department with at least two different project taking two different approaches – stay tuned.

The takeaway is that there’s a lot of pain ahead for writers who compose generic sales text and web copy. This composer predicts we’ll see a rise in ownership, and human authors will sign their names to their work and express their emotions in the copy to make it known they’re real people with real thoughts and emotions.

How can OpenAI’s ChatGPT change on-page user experience and affect outcomes?

This is where the software will have the greatest positive impact on the industry; it can fascinate and educate web users better than other gizmos and chat bot widgets. To access ChatGPT today, users need to create an account on the OpenAI website, and enter an email, plus a phone number for two-point registration. This protocol changed on November 30th because prior to its public release, beta users were subjected to a short questionnaire which asked them to state their intentions. But soon there’ll be countless chat bot applications leveraging this technology with no sign-ups, and early adopters, people who use ChatGPT to power their bots, will have an edge and their success will bring everyone else into the arena.

This is the best, most intelligent chat bot with which I have ever communicated. On Friday the 16th of December, I conversed with a machine for the first time in my life. It was a real dialogue. Indeed, we almost had an argument as we disputed the finer points of the official 9/11 investigation and the NIST report. I was surprised to find the software remembered my previously asked questions and put its subsequent answers into context. When I asked about the melting point of steel, it provided the textbook answer but then pointed out that steel would not need to melt in order to cause Building 7 to collapse. I was of course impressed but remain a 9/11 skeptic.

Marv the sarcastic chat bot

Good usability is core to SEO. One of the best ways to show Google that people are engaging with your content is to keep them busy on your pages for long periods of
time. Time-on-page is a key metric in the quality-score calculations Google employs when trying to determine which site to rank
higher for a particular query. The secret to keeping people on your web pages is to keep them interested,
reading, learning, and interacting with your content. OpenAI ChatGPT is a powerful engagement tool that
can be styled to match your enterprise’s personality. Take for example, Marv the sarcastic chat bot. His personality would make using any site on which he appears more interesting.

In summary, OpenAI ChatGPT is much more than an artificial intelligence chat bot, it’s mankind’s first real computer sidekick. The program will change the Search industry by changing users’ search habits, and by revolutionizing the way we make content, and by keeping users on page and interacting with the content for longer periods of time.

ChatGPT could soon be like K.I.T.T. in Knight Rider

While researching this post, I was reminded of K.I.T.T in Knight Rider, a popular TV show that aired from 1982 to 1986. The series followed the adventures of Michael Knight, played by David Hasselhoff and his supercharged, computerized, talking 1982 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird called KITT – Knight Industries Two Thousand. He was advanced technology (but only forty years ahead, it seems) and was voiced by William Daniels with such curiosity and concern he was soon beloved by the fans.

KITT in Knight Ryder

In Season 3, Episode 13, of the series, KITT steals the show by the way he uses his artificial intelligence to affect how the roulette wheel spins in the villain’s casino! That’s great AI.