Black in Business – Working Together with CAMSC (Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council)


June 7, 2022 |

Karl Dionne, President and Founder of KPDI, and Vice President of Business Development Jamie Bracken attended CAMSC’s 18th Diversity Procurement Fair in April 2022 and came away feeling very encouraged about the opportunities ahead. The interest in diversity procurement shown by the major corporations in attendance was impressive, including Facebook, Accenture, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Magna International, RBC, Sun Life and many others.

These companies all partner with CAMSC to ensure diverse businesses get their fair chance to prove their mettle. The partnerships provide a platform where diverse businesses have an opportunity to sit at the table and show executives their skills and abilities. We all strive to provide best-in-class programs and services.

The power of digital in diversity
Since Karl founded KDPI nearly 15 years ago, he has made it his mission to deliver exemplary digital experiences to users across the board. At KPDI, websites and web applications are our core business: We help our customers conceive, design and deliver these experiences through our simple delivery methodology of Discovery, Design, Marketing and Communications.

The continuing purpose is to create remarkable digital programs for each customer, to help them grow their businesses, support their clients and spark change. As a diverse business, KDPI is proud to connect with CAMSC to support thriving businesses and an innovative supply chain across Canada.

From website to apps, we make digital happen
This year’s conference focused on “mission possible,” with master of ceremonies and Director of CAMSC Cassandra Dorrington focusing on the bright spots and the possibilities going forward. This outstanding hybrid event reminded attendees that we are open for business once again. It was a timely message and a truly great event.

It was also great to see local standout presenters like Lawrence Eta, Chief Technology Officer for the City of Toronto, share words of wisdom, current inspirations and ideas for making the mission possible.

If your company is interested in expanding its portfolio of diverse suppliers and turning information into action, KDPI can help share your message and your story, differentiate your business from the competition and use strategy to support your mobile development.

If you have a new project or product you want to launch, please contact us. We are here to help.