Web Analytics Measurement


At KPDI, using analytics at every stage of the project is an integrated part of our process. Analytics at the beginning of a project is especially useful and continues to be useful as we tweak content and continue search engine optimization after the website or app has launched.

In the Beginning

When beginning a project, we first look at the web analytics tools that are already set up. Whether this is a standard installation of Google Analytics, Webmaster tools or some other tool, the first step is to configure your existing analytics tools so that we can get the highest quality of digital analytics to show us customers’ behaviour and performance of marketing goals. By configuring your website analytics tools and writing custom code to capture the best possible analytics, we can identify usability problems and understand the effectiveness of your forms, purchasing funnel and any calls to action.

We can solve for digital attribution – where people are coming from – as well as look at community engagement from social media channels. In addition, any newsletters or marketing pages or other lead generators can be looked at to understand their effectiveness.

In order to be able to fully understand and report on these issues, we must first identify the key performance indicators of the app or website and prioritize what we should be measuring and what our clients want to achieve. After these are understood, we look at what tools we are going to use to do this, and how we are going to deliver results to businesses to allow for data driven decision making and to ensure it is part of the digital marketing strategy going forward.

Throughout the Process

Informing Design
One of the most useful results of this in-depth analysis is that it takes the guess work out of many decisions, including design decisions. Understanding how people use the website or app allows us to make informed choices on the design instead of relying solely on creative, interesting designs. These measurements also allow us to constantly optimize the site and see what is working and not working.

Keyword Research
Integrating keyword research, the first phase of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can also yield some interesting analysis. When we look at what people in your market are searching for, this can be very useful in understanding your customers or potential customers and what they are interested in. It can help inform the content and even provide ideas for blog posts that speak to topics that your customers or soon-to-be customers are interested in. We do not use keyword research as a way to stuff somewhat related keywords into your copy but rather as a way to understand qualified leads.

The KPDI Team

Like all services, we offer data analytics as a stand-alone service, but find it most effective when used in combination with other services, like strategy, web or app development, e-commerce, user experience and creative design, Information Architecture, email marketing, SEO and content. The KPDI team works with internal marketing and IT departments to ensure effective integration and implementation, or we can provide these services as well.

Bobby Kelly, Analytics Guru at KPDI
Bobby Kelly has worked in predictive analytics and data driven decision making for over 8 years. He spearheads our analytics team and ensures a deep understanding of the numbers and what they tell us about users. He has 15+ years experience in the closely related fields of application development, mobile and marketing. Bobby has worked as consultant for top Canadian brands, such as TELUS, Koodo, Rogers, Heart & Stroke, Plan Canada, TD Bank and Industry Canada – and is proficient in all major analytics tools.

To learn more about our analytics team and our measurement services, contact us.