Brilliant Copy and Editing: Is your content a great ambassador of your Brand?


Or, is it a struggle to meet that level of excellence? Perhaps finding the right words will come with a new set of eyes.

Check out our new copy and editing services. For when the right words matter most.

You know KPDI as a solutions-driven, strategy-led digital marketing company. From creative design to mobile development, we make digital happen. With our award-winning copy. and editing services, your message just became more persuasive.


This can be your secret weapon.

A professional eye will review drafts and make immediate improvements with fixes, polish and new words-and-phrase choices. If our copy editor can’t make your draft significantly better, you won’t have to pay!

We eliminate errors and inconsistencies; fix the flow; improve the narration and return to you a new, improved final draft.

Whether it’s a light or heavy edit, we will get you what you need. It’s a no-risk way to see how your content can soar.


Long-form content has a vital role to play in every Brand’s narrative and integrity. But it can be overwhelming. Why not consider KPDI for this important work?

We’ll work with you on the purpose, focus and facts – and you can leave the rest to us.

Our experience has shown once you have your “corporate scribe” in place, your long-form content becomes more effective, contemporary and relevant; the attention of your target audience will be in your hands.

Professional Blogging
Professional Blogging

Higher conversions. Longer time on site…the virtues of professional blogging are easy to list.

The right idiom isn’t always so easy. Balancing fact and wit, whimsy and urgency, search language and native tongue. That needs the help of a pro.

Basically, you’re looking for content that your prospects will appreciate reading – for enjoyment and education. We can help you create that and bring it to life.

Body Copy

Excellent content always over-achieves; great copy is always a key difference maker. Yet it’s an under-resourced cog in the marketing wheel. We make it easy for you to optimize your marketing efforts with better copy.

Corporate & Personal Bios
Corporate & Personal Bios

We always have an interest in someone’s background story. Whether it be the CEO or a social influencer, inquiring minds always want to know.

What is their why? A corporate bio is another window on the Brand, with unique discovery that can trigger greater business interest. Processes make products, but its people who make the Brand.

Press & Media Releases
Press & Media Releases

Who. What. When. Where. Why. Just the facts. Control the narrative. Get ahead of the story.

A well-constructed Release is a work of art, and twice as valuable.

We can help.

Is your organization in need of website content development, proofreading or editing?

There is nothing more irritating than a site or project riddled with errors or unappealing content. Imagine, we’re still discussing the difference between “their” and “there” – that in itself is a content buzzkill we see every day.

Lacklustre business copy doesn’t capture an audience. Nor does it lead to conversions. Overall, it simply takes away from your branding. And who wants that? Ideally, you want to reflect your business values while impacting visitors. You want to engage with your people.

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