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For over 10 years, KPDI has worked with BioPed, Canada’s largest provider of footcare services, to help empower Pedorthists, Chiropodists, and Medical Footcare Nurses nationwide with cutting-edge technology. 

In our latest update, a ground-up rebuild, we have created an innovative app that serves as the cornerstone of BioPed’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, offering comprehensive Medical and Pedorthic exams as well as a Diabetic Risk Assessment, virtually eliminating remaining paper-based workflows in the clinic.

The BioPed Electronic
Medical Record system iPad Application

  • Comprehensive Medical and Pedorthic exams, including a Diabetic Risk Assessment
  • Custom tools designed for professionals, including in-app video and photo capture with markup
  • Eliminates paper-based workflows, streamlining processes and improving efficiency

The new app greatly reduces the time required to assess and onboard new patients. Which means less time on screen, and more time engaged with customers. And using the latest in iOS technologies gives clinicians the ability to deploy the App on a variety of iPad sizes, and even Mac OS laptops – all using the same code.

The app integrates with BioPed’s Appointment Manager – another KPDI custom system that handles business-critical daily operations in BioPed’s clinics, as well as BioPed’s Point of Sale (POS) system and user management systems, enabling the head office to establish robust support infrastructure for over 80 clinics across the country.

BioPed’s fully integrated digital systems create a critical competitive advantage in its ability to deliver fast, consistent and high quality service, across the country.

“ Karl and his team have been an integral part of our growth. They have been able to grow with us as our needs changed, and they continue to deliver week after week. ”

Mark Fernandez

Mark Fernandez

Application Technology Manager

“ Building the iPad app with KPDI has been amazing. We have been a part of every stage and have been able to craft a really great app that I am excited to present to all of our clinics.”

Andre Di Croce

Andre Di Croce

Doctor of Podiatry Medicine
Registered Chiropodist
Chief Medical Officer

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