Number Neighbors and what it means for Social Media Strategy

April 24, 2020 |

The world appears to be getting crazier every day. One of the latest trends is called “Number Neighbor”. What is a number neighbor? It’s a game involving texting a number that is identical to your own but with the last digit changed by one. Let’s say your number is (212) 345-6789. Your number neighbors would… Read more »

5 Things We Learned from Disruptive Startups at Dx3 2017

March 13, 2017 |

5 Things We Learned from Disruptive Startups at Dx3 2017 The PayPal Startup Zone at Dx3 2017 held a pitch competition for a chance to win tickets to Singularity University’s Canada Summit. The speakers were all company founders, who shared their knowledge of what’s to come. Here are five things we learned about digital disruption… Read more »

Michelle Obama Swipes KPDI Social Strategy

November 2, 2017 |

During the Obama Foundation meeting on November 1st, the former First Lady espoused some guidance we also hand out: think before you tweet…

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